Sunday, November 24, 2013

In a Relationship...

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It's getting near to my event. Everything seems to happen so fast. Maybe it is because I am the one who is still lagging. Clubs and societies registration week had just past. He accompanied me whole week although he has no class. He help me by sitting in the hall to look after all the things. When I cried, he is the one who stay at my side and make me smile. He helped me a lot. Without him, I think I will be more stress and unhappy. But when think back, I was like changing the way he is.

And of course, I know a relationship is like playing kites. Sometimes we need to let go a bit, and sometimes pull a bit. I agree that being a couple doesn't mean that we have to cling together each time. We had our own time to spend with friends and family. If too attached with each others, there will be no space for breathing. Although the word is couple, but still 2 separate person.

Me and him had been together for 112 days and still so sweet. Havent been cold to each other. Another fact to a relationship to last long is to respect each other. Besides that, trust is also a factor of it. All that he had done for me, I do appreciate it. Actually I appreciate that he is mine. He is a good listener sometimes. Although I just mentioned it once, he can remember of it. Lesson learnt from my past experience, never focus on negatives thing in the relationship. Should only keep those nice memories in mind and delete those negativity. In addition, I do believe that men and women are in the same power now. Sometimes, the guy have to let the girl win, and vice versa. When he is in bad mood, I will try my best to make him happy.. and when i am down he will do that too... =D But in the end, what's most important is accept the way he is and he will accept the way I am.

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